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The Upside of Chainsawing

Far back in the woods, our home was the first in a new subdivision. Newly moved in, the nearest cross streets were one mile to the south and two and … [Read Discussion Topic...]

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The 3-Day Be-Nice Challenge

Watch this video. The 3-Day Be-Nice Challenge. See you in 90 seconds.  And we're back. Thanks. We are in the midst of the … [Read More...]

Are Things Really Worse Now?

There's a comment I've been hearing often lately from my friends and family -- "Things are worse now than they've ever been … [Read More...]

My Son Loves the Tour de France, and So Do I

Bicycle racing grabbed me hard in 1979. I’d always ridden a bike; as a ski racing kid, I’d heard that Jean-Claude Killy … [Read More...]

A Cancer Fighter’s Playlist

On June 27, I had the privilege to speak with an old student of mine on his radio show. I left teaching in 2012, and thanks … [Read More...]

Melanoma Brought Us Together

Melanoma brought us together for the best of reasons, and the worst of reasons. This past weekend, June 17-18, was the … [Read More...]

Baseball Cards: Grab onto your youth

My Uncle Irv was the wacky uncle in the family. The fun uncle. He had a master’s degree in Library Science so he knew stuff. … [Read More...]

5 Gifts for Your Tech-Loving Boy

It's a complaint we have all too often- today's kids seem to be spending more and more time in front of screens instead of … [Read More...]

Living in a Hateful World in Wake of Orlando Shooting

Dozens murdered at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Children gunned down at an elementary school in Connecticut. Churchgoers … [Read More...]

Going Back To Work - Dads Round Table

Dad’s Guide to Making Extra Money on the Side

Paying the rent and still having money to go out with friends can be tough, especially if you're one of the millions of … [Read More...]

KeyKlipz Titanium Keyring Carabiner Review

Looking for a way to reduce the bulkiness of your keychain? There are several alternatives to the traditional split ring and … [Read More...]