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As a teacher, what are the nicest things your students to have said to you?

About 15 years ago, I had a student who was very bright and very determined. We reconnected a few years ago.

He said, “What I remember from the very first day as a freshman in your class was that you considered us seriously. When we asked questions, or just talked, you regarded us as worthy.”

Best thing I ever heard.


As a teacher: What do you do to prevent common colds and flu?

 I wash my hands frequently, use hand sanitizer regularly, and avoid touching my eyes, nose, and mouth. A flu shot is a necessity. One of the advantages of being a teacher is that our constant low-level exposure to a wide range of viruses seems to help our immune systems stay on the alert. Anecdotally, it’s often said that as a first year teacher, you have a cold all year long, and after that, you never get sick.


Can a School Teacher Become Rich?

From a teacher’s salary? If you start your career early, live with frugality, and invest wisely, you can certainly become comfortable by the time you are 60. Rich? That depends on your definition. For most people, rich is defined as ‘twice the money I have.”

If you want to drag out the old saws about “rich in human relationships” or “rich in the knowledge that you’ve made a difference,” then sure, good teachers are rich.

But you can’t spend that at the grocery store when you’re 68 years old. And I’m given to understand that cat food tastes lousy.


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