Why Do Teachers Like Times New Roman?

I’ve written a few answers for Quora. Here you go. 

Why do my teachers expect essays to be typed in 12-point font in Times New Roman?

It’s the standard. One, a 12 point TNR paper, double spaced with one inch margins is 250 words/ page. Two, when we receive a paper in 12 point TNR, double-spaced, there is no favoritism. The words are what matter, not a student’s ability to choose a font.

It is also easy on the eyes, no small thing when one has to read 30 or 40 essays at a sitting and treat each one fairly. That said, I usually give my students a choice of 3 or 4 fonts; typically TNR, Garamond, Tahoma, and Verdana. If the papers are submitted electronically, the non-serif fonts are easy to read.

What’s your question?

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