Bacteria. With Apologies to Dr. Seuss

bacteria poem insetBacteria are bad things, most people think.

They make people sick and they make roadkill stink.

They give you bad breath and they make garbage rot.

They give you your ulcer and they make green your snot.

The tetanus toxin’s particularly evil

It’s made muscles rigid since past times primeval.

Pneumonia’s a bug that’s certainly nasty.

Infecting your lungs and turn your voice raspy.

Salmonella’s a bug that most often slips in

When someone gets sloppy with grub in their kitchen.

Enough about bad stuff, let’s talk for a second

‘bout some of the good bugs, there’s several I reckon.

Don’t you love cheese? It’s just milk gone sour

Without the right germs, you’ll just wait for hours,

For the milk to get curdly and turn to cheese.

You’ll wait forever, even if you say please.

Let’s talk about beverages, let’s talk about wine.

Is there anything we drink that tastes so fine?

For grape juice to turn from sweetness to heady,

It’s yeast and bacteria that get everything ready.

Don’t you like sauerkraut, heaped high on your Reuben?

Without the right germs, it’s cabbage, no foolin’

And what about yogurt, it’s both sweet and tart,

Nothing but milk with a bacterial start.

The zillions of germs that live in your belly

They digest foods like PB and jelly.

Some germs make you sick, some make you well

But they all have their place, as now you can tell.

5 pounds of germs live in, on, and around you

And they all have their job, just like good boys and girls do.

But please wash your hands after you use the loo

Because of the germs that live in your poo

E.coli can make you quite ill

And it will.






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