A Review of Disney’s “Pandora — The World of Avatar”

As you walk into “Pandora — The World of Avatar” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, you are transported to an entirely new world. It is a world filled with suspended mountains, plants that shoot water, strange-looking creatures, fauna that seems to be from a science fiction movie and enough visual treats to keep you spellbound for hours.

It is something to see.

Plus, I haven’t even gotten to the rides yet.

The first thing that greets you at Pandora is a landscape of beauty from a different world. And like the best of Disney, you are immediately transported to a place you’ve never been and are entirely immersed in a unique, one-of-a-kind reality that come alive in front of your eyes.

There is much to take in and you are immediately drawn to massive structures — mountainous in nature — that are magically hanging in the air. On the ground there are small ponds filled with plants and flowers that capture your attention. There are walkways and bridges that you allow you to stroll through this uncommon world to see their life up close. This is the Valley of Mo’ara and it is well worth your time.

Another fascinating feature are several drums that answer your beat with a similar rhythm. The kids fell in love with that.

All of this leads you to two rides, a gift shop and a few places to eat.

Let’s talk about the rides.

The first ride that you’re likely to go on is the Na’Vi River Journey, a slow-paced water ride in the mold of Pirates of the Caribbean or “It’s a Small World.” But this river ride modernizes those rides with visual beauty and impactful special effects. For instance, you’ll see creatures roaming the landscape and navigating their world as you eavesdrop on them. There’s a ton to see and you’ll probably need several journeys to properly capture all the lush life.

The second ride is the Flight of Passage and it is worth the wait, which can be several hours long. On this ride your avatar is linked up with a member of the Na’Vi tribe for an important ceremonial ride on an Ikran, or banshee. I don’t want to give away too much of the ride, except to say that it is unlike any ride you’ve ever ride before. I will give you one detail — as you ride the banshee, you can feel it breathing. Very cool. If you can get to Disney to partake, I highly recommend it.

Like all things Disney, there is a strong commercial component to Pandora. As soon as you exit the ride you are taken to the gift shop, with Avatar figures, clothes, trinkets, stuffed animals and toys. There is a unique item for sale — your own personal Avatar. A computer scans your face and transposes that onto a blue Avatar that is uniquely you. It’s yours for $75.00.

All in all, Pandora is a richly detailed world that is a feast for your eyes and heart. Once you see it, you’ll be ready to experience it all over again.


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