Blog Hijacked! Family Road Trip

It’s time to “drive” dad crazy! He’s up front driving the car on our first major family road trip during spring break and we’re stuck in the backseat. So, we’re gonna have a little fun. We’re hijacking his blog and talking about our travels.

Dad’s been gearing up for this family road trip for months. He’s plotted the course, planned our meals, reserved the hotels for the trip and practiced sitting for hours on end. (Not really.) We wanted to fly but he’s psyched about how much “family” time we’ll have in the car. True, but every time we act up (we are 6 and 5, after all. It’s what we do), he threatens to turn this car around. Right. He’s going to turn around and drive 12 hours back home. We’ll call his bluff on that every time.

Dad is a very good driver except for the times that Mom told him to slow down. We heard something about “90” and “speeding tickets” and how dad complains about money all the time. Who knows? We were busy playing Minecraft.

The best part of the drive — besides all the tablet time — was all the snacks we got to eat. Sure, they packed bananas, apples and fruit but why eat that when they know we’re gonna grab the chips, popcorn and sweet snacks? They can’t deny us food. We’re in a car, for gosh sakes! And it’s not only the food they packed but the food we got to eat. Mom started to freak out when the only place to eat for dinner was fast food. I think she’s still upset that they couldn’t find a “healthy” place for us to eat. Dad didn’t mind. He loves greasy burgers.

My brother and I decided to keep track of a few stats for the trip. It’s the kind of stuff, our dad, the baseball lover, would enjoy.

By the numbers:

47 — times we asked him, “Are we there yet?”

122 — times he threatened to put us in time out for roughhousing in the car

17 — bathroom breaks. We have small bladder.

298 — times he complained about all the “people who don’t know how to drive.”

6 — times we took the wrong turn. Even with Google Maps & Waze

Dad was right about a few things, though. We did have fun. Requesting songs to sing and “car” dance to and laughing about our experiences will always be a memory. We learned about geography by reading all the state license plates and we had that comfortable feeling of being close to the most special people in our lives. We also got to see a large part of our country, even though we’re too young to really understand it.

Another thing we learned — our extended family lives far, far away from us. That’s not cool. And I think we’ve got to get Dad to sign up for some frequent flyer programs.


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