KeyKlipz Titanium Keyring Carabiner Review

Looking for a way to reduce the bulkiness of your keychain? There are several alternatives to the traditional split ring and keychain. Recently I was introduced to a keyring carabiner that has helped me streamline my set of keys.

I’ve always used the traditional split ring for my keys because I didn’t trust the clip-style alternatives to securely fasten the keys. Also, the odd shapes of some of these alternatives made the keys stick out at odd angles making it difficult to get keys into doors and the ignition. The simple functionality of the traditional keyring is what kept me using them.

I’ve always used keychains with my keyring because I like being able to customize the look of my set of keys so it is easily identifiable and is also an expression of my identity. Unique keychains often contributed the most bulk to my set of keys and when I added in the fobs, my keys were so cumbersome that I couldn’t comfortably put them in my pocket.


The KeyKlipz titanium keyring carabiner was able to greatly reduce the bulk of my set of keys. The keyring is very easy to use and has enough room to allow the unused keys to drop down out of the way. I still use a small traditional keyring for my vehicle key and fob because the vehicle key has a very thick plastic base and the hole in the fob isn’t a shape that sits nicely in a ring. However, I am still able to connect this set of keys to my KeyFlipz keyring because it doubles as a carabiner. My carabiner also has a divot I can use to open bottles. It’s made of titanium and in the two months I’ve had it, the keyring carabiner hasn’t shown any wear. Plus, the design of the carabiner is stylish and unique so I don’t have to use a keychain. Even if I did, getting items on and off of the keyring is a breeze.


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