How to Cope When Your Child Rejects the Faith

If you are a firm believer in any religion, dealing with a child who doesn’t want to believe any longer can be a painful experience. Parents bring their children up in the best way that they see fit, and for religious parents this usually means teaching their child within the guidelines and moral compass of their faith. However, as children grow older, they often want to find their own individual paths in life, which a lot of the time means that they question the faith that they have been brought up to believe in. As a parent this can be a difficult situation, however it’s important to support your child the best you can.

Why Children Pull Away

Many children who have been brought up in a religious home will start to question things when they hit their teenage years. Children, especially teenagers, are very inquisitive and question a lot of things they have previously been taught as fact. The truth is that faith is a very personal matter, and as your child approaches adulthood they will need to discover their own personal beliefs and faith. This could mean that they completely reject the religion that they have been brought up with, go through a period of time where they find their own feet and decide to continue with the faith themselves, or even place their beliefs in a totally different religion. What is important is that you remember that your child needs to form their own, personal faith and belief system. This website can help to give you a stronger idea of what it is your child is interested in and why.

How to Support Your Child

When you have a strong faith and believe in a religion, it can be difficult to cope when somebody close to you does not share this. However, it’s important to remember that your child is an individual person and they are not doing anything wrong by asking questions and finding their own life path. Most parents want to encourage their children to be individuals and hold to their own beliefs, but this can get difficult if your child’s beliefs are contradicting those of your own. It’s important not to try to force your child to continue with your faith if they are unwilling, as this could lead to conflict and resentment. Instead, try to offer guidance when needed and support your child with making their own choices.

Different Faiths and Religions

The beautiful thing about faith is that it is accepting of all. True faith doesn’t mind whether a person is of a different race, color, sexuality, or even holds to a different belief system. The truth is that as a spiritual person, you want to see your child have faith. Although it can be difficult to see your child following a different religion to yourself, it’s important to understand that all different faiths and religions have their benefits.

Good parenting means supporting and guiding your child when they need to make their own choices. If you have any further tips, please leave them in the comments.


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