How I Cleared Out My Garage

Order in my house was at last hardly won. My satisfaction and rejoice knew no limits. But some fine day when I went to my garage to take a lawn-mower, I looked throughout the space and was shocked how cluttered it is. No need to say that exultance was over. I believed that my home was tidy. But my garage is a part of it. And while this space looks like a real dump my house cannot be considered to be absolutely clean and neat. This thought made me sad. However, I am not the person who gives up so easy. I coped with chaos in my house and can do this in my garage as well.


My good neighbors Ann and John inspired me and helped to organize my garage. They met each other on one of the most popular dating sites. Their pieces of advice were brilliant as well as their garage which they showed to me. The scope of change for my garage was not so significant because I wanted to makeover it with minimum costs and in a short period of time. I am glad to share my humble experience in garage organizing.

The procedure of remaking the garage is similar to the one for clearing out the house. And the first logical step to take is to pull all things out. I was surprised to see how many items are kept in the garage. The main part of them is absolutely useless. The other part is to be categorized. I brought together items that I need by like type, for example, 1) tools and hardware, 2) yard and garden supplies, 3) sports equipment, 4) household supplies, 5) toys and 6) seasonal decor. The remaining items were grouped into 3 boxes with category names ‘recycling’, ‘donating’ and ‘throw away’. In my opinion, that is one of the most time-consuming works. It is difficult to define whether to say goodbye to a thing or keep it. But the ultimate outcome is striking. You see how spacious the premise is and how energetic you become because all unnecessary things stopped stealing your energy.

Only now when you have an idea of what will be stored in your garage, it is time to do zoning, in other words, to plan where each group of items will be stored. After that, the decision on storage system should follow. There are two options such as built-in system or storage shelving and boxing. I chose the second variant. I had additional shelves and boxes that I managed to fix in a neat and handy way.

Garage makeover will not be complete without door refreshing. It contributes a lot in a curb appeal of the whole house that is why it deserves attention. The easiest way to breathe a new life into your door is to repaint it. It is important not to forget to put a drop cloth on a driveway to protect it from being painted.

I spent one weekend to organize and makeover my garage. And now, I am absolutely happy to see my whole house tidy and clean.


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