Christmas Gifts They Won’t Expect

Coming up with Christmas gift ideas is just plain hard, believe me I know. If you’re struggling to think of some unique ideas for this holiday season, check out this list of awesomely unexpected gifts that anyone in your life is sure to appreciate.

A Recipe Delivery Box

Give the gift of delicious food—and more importantly the gift of avoiding grocery store madness. Sign up your loved one for a subscription to HelloFresh. This excellent delivery service will send weekly boxes of nutritious and tasty ingredients along with step by step instructions that will help them create culinary masterpieces in the comfort of their own kitchen. From grilled cheeseburgers to decadent pasta dishes, cooking like a five-star chef has never been easier.

A Shirt with Some Sass

If you know a jokester that would appreciate a hilarious graphic tee, then has you covered. Whether you’re looking for a guy or gal, the gut-busting phrases on these shirts and sweatshirts will definitely see them loving your present. You can choose from shirts that incorporate some curse words for the shock factor, or keep it clean and funny with some awesome phrases they’ll never see coming.

The Gift of Scent

A candle might seem like an uninspired gift choice for this season, but as with everything else in our world, you would be shocked to see the innovations these old light sources have been through. From candles that can burn for a set amount of time, to candles that create gorgeous wax designs as they melt, your family and friends will love the unique spins on this classic. Every time they light the candle they will think of their treasured loved one—you!

A Health Helper

If your family member or friend has been preparing to make a healthy change in their life, you can show your support by getting them a present that will help them with their endeavor. A Fitbit that tracks their exercise, food, sleep, and even their heart rate is a bit of a splurge, but a worthy one considering that it can make such a huge difference in the lives of those ready to get healthy. If they have a problem with portion control, consider the HAPIfork. This innovative kitchen utensil will help them eat slowly, understand how much they are taking in, and give them a better awareness of eating for fun versus eating for fuel. Make sure this gift wouldn’t offend the person you’re thinking of buying it for, and only use it for those who have really expressed an interest in changing their eating habits. Another great gift for a family member who is ready to get back on the fitness bandwagon is a membership to a local gym. Again, this idea is good for those who have already personally expressed an interest to you.

A Homemade Present

What’s more unique than giving them a present they couldn’t receive from anyone else but you? Homemade gifts are thoughtful and inexpensive, and they’re the perfect fit for a person that’s impossible to buy for this Christmas season. Whether it’s a sweet craft that incorporates photos from your past, or a canvas that you paint yourself, they’re sure to appreciate the gift and the thought and effort behind it. Are crafts just really not your thing? Consider making a delicious treat that you know they love. If you’re a salsa connoisseur, make up a batch of your best red and green salsas and put them in jars with personalized labels printed right from your computer.

An Experience

If you’re ready to splurge and really blow their minds this upcoming Christmas, consider buying them an experience gift. Websites like are rife with experience ideas, including hot air balloon rides, kayaking adventures, racecar driving, and deep sea fishing. Think about the activities your family member or friend has mentioned wanting to try and peruse the site to find the experience of their dreams.

A Sweet Treat

If you’re not a chef and can’t whip up good cookies to save your life but still want to give your friend a sweet treat to remember, then you’ve got plenty of options. Surprise them with some Christmas chocolates from Shari’s Berries, pick up an ice cream cake on your way over, or send them some chocolate covered jalapenos. All of these unique ideas will be unexpected but immediately loved—and devoured.


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