Gifts for Your Kids This Christmas That You Will Want to Play with Too

It is definitely true that as you get older, Christmas presents get far less fun. Where as a kid you might wake up to find a Scalectrix set or a Game Boy, once you’re an adult things tend to get a bit more practical. Your parents no longer buy you anything remotely fun, favouring at best, useful things and at worst, hideous jumpers, and your wife or girlfriend seems intent on getting you something that might make you seem more like a well dressed, responsible adult rather than what you really wanted.

Once you have kids in your life though, the scope for Christmas being a time for new, fun toys increases again. When they are very little the gifts they get may be less appealing to play with after they go to bed, unless you have a weakness for Peppa Pig, but as they get old enough for the cooler stuff, you can be smart and buy them stuff you too will enjoy having a go on. Here are some ideas:

A Stunt Scooter

When we were young, it was all about the BMX or the skateboard, but this year’s cool trend for personal transport you can also do tricks on is the stunt scooter. Stunt scooters are kind of like micro scooters on steroids – pumped up to let you bounce on their wheels and learn all kinds of impressive moves. This is not only a good gift for your kids, who can get some exercise while they play with it, and will enjoy the freedom of being able to get around on it faster than walking, but is great fun to mess about with yourself – especially if you were a bit of a skater back in the day! have a great range you can choose from.

Xbox One or PS4

A new games console is a generous gift for the kids that they are sure to love, and there are a wealth of kids’ and family friendly games you can give them to play, like the LEGO game franchise, and things like Rayman Legends. Of course, these consoles are not just a children’s toy anymore – you can use them as a hub for watching things like Netflix, and of course also play more adult games like Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, and Fallout 4.

A Tablet

A tablet is another thing kids will love, and with an iPad or Android tablet device you can give your children a wide range of games to play as well as a place to watch media without bothering you, or read books. It goes without saying that you can also make good use of a tablet, so much so that you’ll probably want your own too, but you can have fun with the kids’ one setting it up and then playing all the games you’d be too embarrassed to have on your ‘grown up’ one!

Christmas gifts that you can secretly play with when the kids are in bed make for a great way to get more of the things you love this festive season!


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