Classy Gifts for the In-Laws

Christmas is coming soon, fellas, and if you’re looking for the right gifts for your in-laws, peruse this list of amazing gift items sure to impress even the hardest people to buy for. While you shouldn’t have to buy their approval, these gifts definitely don’t hurt in cementing your position as their favorite son-in-law. Read on for some in-law-approved gift ideas.

A Lovely Night Out

Send your in-laws on a nice date night. You can give them tickets to a traveling theater performance, a musical extravaganza, or even a simple dinner and movie date night. For a deal, check out a website like Groupon and pick a restaurant or event offered for sometimes up to half price off. This is a great idea for those of us who have in-laws that live in other cities, as the site will give you a rundown of awesome places so you don’t have to go on an extensive search.

A Gift Basket

I know it doesn’t seem like the most original idea, but there’s a reason that gift baskets have remained a tried and true gift offering. You can cater the basket to your in-law’s tastes. If they’re a couple that likes to entertain, get them a cheese and sausage basket that will make a future charcuterie board easy to create. If they’re sweets lovers, grab them a candy gift basket from See’s. Who can say no to chocolate, right?

Photos Are Your Friends

Even if you and the in-laws don’t get along all the time, they won’t be able to frown at a gift that incorporates your kids. Use photos of their grandchildren to create a personalized item they’ll love displaying. Make it easy on yourself and use something like Shutterfly. They offer a wide array of photo-personalized items, like pillows, coffee mugs, and blankets—you name it and they’ll probably be able to put a photo of your choice on it.

A Subscription Box

Make your in-laws entire year with a subscription to a service that you know they will love. Perhaps they’ve been living under a rock and don’t yet have a subscription to a service like Netflix. Make their streaming dreams come true and help them catch up on all the latest shows. If your in-laws are wine lovers, sign them up for a subscription to Wine of the Month Club, with which they’ll get a monthly delivery of some delectable bottles.

Make a Memory

If your in-laws are more active than even you and your wife and they also tend to be daredevils, they’ll no doubt benefit from receiving an experience gift. Websites like will help you find a great experiential gift they’ll love. Maybe it’s a ride in a hot air balloon, or perhaps it’s a day of kayaking on the open seas. Figure out what they love to do and play to that—it’ll be a gift they’ll never see coming and they will be telling all of their friends how thoughtful their son-in-law is after the Christmas festivities have ended.

His and Hers Gifts

Maybe they’re a hard pair to pin down in terms of couple’s gifts, or perhaps your in-laws are no longer together. In these cases, individual his and hers gifts are the best way to go. If he’s a guy who loves trying out new gadgets and staying “hip” you can’t go wrong with any of the men’s gifts online from Touch of Modern—be careful, because you’re probably going to want a lot of these items, too. If she’s a lady who loves her luxury, buy her a massage treatment on your wallet. She’ll get to relax and take off the stress after the holidays, and be so appreciative of her son-in-law.

Send Them on a Trip

If your in-laws don’t usually get to vacation, then a trip could be just the ticket for their gift this year. Buy them a weekend’s stay at a bed and breakfast, or put them up in a fancy hotel downtown for a stay-cation that will feel like a huge treat. Send a special room service offering to really blow them away, and impress them with your stealthy planning. They’ve no doubt taken the kids off your hands plenty of times, so return the favor if they have a dog or other responsibilities and make sure everything is taken care of.



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