How To Make Your Upcoming Anniversary The Best Yet

How To Make Your Upcoming Anniversary The Best Yet

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for your wife on your upcoming anniversary, look no further. Here’s a list of ideas that will make your anniversary perfect. Many couples fall into the same old routine of a nice dinner, but you can easily take it up a notch and impress your wife with something a little different. These thoughtful gifts will make her swoon, and alleviate the unnecessary stress that is finding the perfect present.  

Go Old-Fashioned

Impress her with a good old-fashioned love letter. This is easier said than done, but putting in the effort to get some of your feelings and sentiments on paper can go a long way. Buy a love note kit with all the stationary necessities, and simply add your thoughts. Start by writing down some of your favorite memories with her, and then let the ideas flow out of you. Hopefully once you get that pen scratching, the words will keep coming. For an added touch, mail the letter from your office so that she actually receives it in the mailbox.

A Special Delivery

Make a public declaration of your love and make her the envy of her colleagues with a delivery of a special treat straight to her desk. Try out a gift designed specifically for her, and show up the other husbands in the office with your debonair ways. From personalized wall art to jewelry with a signature addition, making the effort to get something with a special touch will impress her and score you some major anniversary points. Companies like Personal Creations make it simple to find a gift, and delivery makes it easy to secure a last-minute present that doesn’t look last minute. Coasters, maps, pillows, and picnic sets are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to options for customizable gift ideas. Whatever your wife loves, find it and put your spin on it with a special message.

Plan An Activity

Pick an activity that’s special just for you two, or plan to do something you know your spouse loves. Is she an activity junkie, or a rabid thrill seeker? Check out the theme park; without kids, it’s a totally different experience. Take it up a notch and plan a special skydiving trip—maybe just for her, if falling out of airplanes isn’t your style—and dazzle her with your personalized event. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. Even planning a picnic in a local park and having everything prepared is an awesome gift for your wife. Cater to her likes and find yourself lapping up the gratitude.

Weekend Getaway

Find a sitter and plan a trip. Harken back to yesteryear and take her to a spot that has special meaning for you both, maybe where you proposed, or the place you visited on your first road trip together. Book the hotel, plan the activities, and prepare to wow her. Pick a destination spot you’ve both always talked about, and make it happen. Trips can be cheap as well; if she’s a camper, grab your tent and food necessities and head out on the open road. Just make sure you keep all your planning on the down low, and my best advice is not to let your kids know—we all know how hard it is to keep a secret.

Relax In Luxury

Gift your wife and yourself by booking a couple’s massage. What better way to celebrate your milestone of marriage than weeding out all the stress from your muscles? Book a treatment at a local spa, or mix it in with your getaway weekend and have it come up as a surprise treat. You both deserve recognition for your relationship landmark, so treat yourselves. If you want to bring the treatment to her, purchase an easy spa treatment basket and spend the night letting her pamper herself.

Chef For The Day

If your wife is the one who usually preps the meals, let her take the night off and try your hand at culinary creations. There are plenty of easy recipes that will amaze. If you already do the cooking, really go all out. Prepare all of her favorite items, no matter how obscure, and make for a hodge podge of a meal that features all of her preferred foodie treats. Bonus: you’ll get to partake in the delicious revelry as well. Enlist the kids to do the cleanup so you and your wife can have some alone time to reconnect. Your wife will love that it’s a family affair, and you’ll have leftovers to make the week’s meal prep easier.

Making your anniversary special for your wife is easy with these tips. Use a little creativity and get started on creating the perfect day for her.


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