7 Wonderful “Just Because” Gift Ideas for Your Wife


She married you, and you couldn’t be more grateful to have her in your life. What better way to show her how much you love her than by giving her a present just because she’s her? Put a smile on her face and yours with one of these easy, meaningful gifts to make her day.


  1. Prepare A Movie Night

So maybe there is a game on tonight, but your wife has been dying to watch her favorite chick flick for a while. Put her first and plan an at-home movie night with a movie of her choosing. Pull out all the stops: throw a picnic blanket and some pillows on the floor, have a bottle of wine ready and waiting, and pop some fresh popcorn to really give your house the movie theater feel.


  1. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

Nothing says “I love you” like a beautiful bouquet. Let your wife know you’re thinking of her during long days at the office by sending her roses from an online florist. This classic option is a no-brainer, and she’ll be the envy of her coworkers when she receives your delivery. Tack on a sweet note—or if you’re daring, a poem—and watch her smile for a month.


  1. Take Her On A Weekend Getaway

She does a lot, so she deserves a lot. Take the concept of a weekend getaway up a notch and make it a surprise. Don’t give her any details—just tell her to mark her calendar and whisk her away to blow her mind with your planning skills. Take her to that mountain resort she’s been pining after, or speed away to the ocean. Send the kids to their grandparents or set them up with a babysitter and have a weekend to reconnect. She will love the time alone with you and the chance to give herself a breather from work and the kids.

  1. At-Home Massage

The stresses of every day life can really wear you down, and your wife deserves the chance to unwind and relieve the tension of her day. Help her take a load off with a back massage. Send her to a massage therapist or bring the massage home to her with an effective portable massager. If you’re lucky, she’ll let you take the massager for a spin—eventually.


  1. Spa Weekend

Give her a break with the chance to relax in luxury. Send her to a local weekend spa, and score extra points if you can coordinate a friend to go with her. If you don’t have any spa treatment centers easily available nearby, order an at-home spa kit to transform your bathroom into her very own luxury getaway. If this is the case, take control of the kids for the evening. Dinnertime, bath time, and bed time—they’re all yours for the night while she gets to pamper herself.


  1. Enlist The Kids

Wrangle the kids and create some art to hang on a wall of your home. This takes a bit of planning and a lot of secrecy, but creating an art project for her with your children will mean a lot to her. Spend some time doing some easy, educational crafts with your kids while she’s not around, and get them framed when you have the chance. If you want to go all out, hang them before she gets home and let your kids do the big reveal. She’ll love the quality time you spent with them and the new wall décor that will make her smile—and to brag about them when guests come over.


  1. Plan A Family Activity In Your Backyard

Showing her your appreciation doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave the house for a fancy evening. Emphasize family time with her and your kids by creating an activity you can do together in your backyard, like this easy DIY cornhole game, or set up a tent and have a night of backyard camping. Plan out snacks and activities to keep the kids busy.  


  1. Personalize Her Sparkle

If your wife is a jewelry fan, you can’t go wrong with a personalized piece to show her you were thinking of her. Buy her a monogrammed necklace or inscribe a quote that means something to the both of you on a bracelet. She can wear it and think of you every time.


Your wife is your favorite woman in the world, so it’s time to show her. Illustrate how much you love her with these easy ideas and brighten her entire week.


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