The Tools Every DIYer Should Own

Whether you’re an experienced DIYer or have just started to try your hand at do-it-yourself projects, there are some power tools that you simply won’t be able to get by without. When it comes to DIY you never know when you may be needed to suddenly make an urgent repair, and it always helps to know that you’ve got exactly the right tools that you need to hand for any DIY job. If your plans include a more expensive and large scale DIY project, having the right tools to hand can only make things easier. Whatever your DIY specialty, here are just a few essential tools to add to your toolbox.

Chop Saw

Every DIYer knows the frustration of finding a part that they need for a task, but discovering that it’s just that little bit too big. Having an abrasive chop saw handy makes sure that this won’t ever be a problem again, as you’ll be able to cut to size any parts that you need, as it makes cutting through even metals easy.

Cordless Drill

No DIYer’s tool kit is complete without a cordless drill. This tool can turn out to be an absolute lifesaver, and it’s usually needed at least once in the majority of DIY tasks. To really get the most out of this essential tool, make sure that you purchase a combi-drill – this will enable you to drill through the majority of surfaces.

Welding Tools

If your DIY projects involve some welding or metalwork, you might find it necessary to purchase some basic welding tools such as stick welders. If you’re not sure where to buy one of these, check out – they have a great range. Basic stick welding isn’t too difficult to learn how to do, but if you don’t have any welding experience it might be best to seek advice from a professional before you dive into the task.

Sander and Planer

Whether you’re sanding down a door, wall, or a window frame, sanding down a large area by hand is definitely not the easiest or the quickest of DIY tasks. This is where electric sanders come in handy, as they’ll enable you to do the job in half the time, and with half the mess if you purchase one with a built in dust bag. A planer is also another tool used with the sander that comes in handy for smoothing down surfaces – especially useful for tasks such as hanging doors.

Nail Gun

Nails tend to be a major component of any DIY task, and if you’re planning on putting furniture together or constructing items, a nail gun is likely to come in very useful. Although they are usually only suitable for a short term ‘quick fix’ – e.g. urgent furniture repairs, this handy little tool is a great way to save yourself a lot of bother.

Experienced DIYer? Which tools would you never be seen without? What’s in your toolbox right now? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.



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