The Best Ways to Create a Fun, Safe Play Room for Your Children

There is no better feeling for a father than to be involved in the development of his children; unfortunately, we don’t always have the time ourselves to be involved. However, at those times, we should ensure that our children have a safe, fun environment in which to spend their time. One of the best ways to do this is to create the space ourselves, and in this article we will look at some of the options available to parents who want to give their kids the perfect play area.


The attic is the first choice for many people looking to add space to their home, especially as using an attic will avoid heavy construction and taking up space elsewhere on your property. Young children enjoy the excitement of using the attic for a play room, and tend to be a good height for the space. There may not be an electricity supply, but one can easily be fitted. There are many things to consider about an attic conversion before deciding it is the best way forward. However, it is often the perfect choice, and an attic conversion is worthy of consideration.

Basement Play Room

This is an idea that can work perfectly for your kids. A basement is an ideal area to utilize as extra space, and will usually have some form of electricity supply and water available. The water supply is a real bonus, especially as it is possible to fit a toilet in the children’s play room The electricity supply will mean that you will not only have lighting on hand, but that you will also be able to supply the power for your kids electrical needs. Damp proofing and the correct lighting will need to be organized, but this is still an excellent idea for your play room.

Ready-made Structures

There are many types of purpose made playrooms; and if you look online for a child’s playroom, you will find wood cabin play rooms (here is a great site for ideas for wood cabins), plastic structures, and even converted containers that you can use. This is a great option if you have the space in your garden, and means that your children will have access to the outdoors during times of sunshine. Many of these ready to use options will come with lighting and electricity points as standard, though you will have to run the electricity supply from your home. The only downside to an external structure is that you will not be in the same location, but, if you fit an intercom and CCTV, you should be able to oversee the play times from a distance.

Building Yourself

If you are handy with a toolbox, there is no reason that you cannot build your own playroom. In fact, you can buy many home kits that will come with instructions and all the materials and fittings you need. If you are a little braver, you could have your play room’s structure designed and manufactured to your special needs by specialist steel companies like Cannon Steels, and you will simply need to bolt the structure together. Not everybody likes the idea of a metal building, but it is simple enough to choose different roofing and wall materials to suit your tastes. Building your own design really does mean that you can create a space that is perfect in every way you can imagine. However, never attempt this unless you are capable in every way, otherwise you will need to hire tradesmen to work for you; which is not a bad idea anyway.

Your choice of play room will depend on many things, and your child’s age will generally determine the final decision. A room in the same building will suit younger kids, but a space of their own in the garden is a great way to give growing kids a feeling of independence, and will show your trust in them. Whichever route you decide to take, the next step is how you will make sure the time spent in the playroom is quality time. But that is a whole new article.


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