Only in America


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Only in America*

Can we have a country at its innovative peak…

American citizens have never been more innovative. The Brookings Institute states that the rate of per capita patentage in the US stands at record levels. The patent rate in the US is at its greatest point since the Industrial Revolution. Furthermore, the value of patents stands at an objectively higher level than ever before.

Due to intense competition amongst newly industrialized nations, we rank 9th in worldwide per capita rankings. In short, the USA has been the world’s leading innovator for over 200 years.

  • Yet, far too many of our schoolchildren graduate without a mastery of higher level thinking skills.

Only in America-

Can we have two philosophically opposed presidential candidates whose relationships with fact and truth are more than suspect…

We have Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton. She lies about the lies she told to cover up her email cover-up. I don’t know exactly what happened vis-a-vis Benghazi, but this whole thing stinks worse than last weekend’s bait.

We have Republican hopeful Chris Christie who lies about the lies he told about the Fort Lee lane closure scandal. I’m not certain what happened- if Christie did order lanes shut down as revenge against the Fort Lee mayor – but it sure quacks like a duck.

One cannot compare the loss of life caused by Benghazi to the inconvenience faced by a bunch of freeway drivers. However, I will state that politicians who lie and cover-up the small things (like the Bridge) will also lie and cover-up the big things (like Benghazi).

  • Yet, we can have two respected and widely disparate candidates like Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as serious contenders for the presidency.

Only in America-

This USA, it’s a pretty good place.

* with apologies to those in Canada, Central America, and the western half of the Southern hemisphere




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