A Roundtable Review of Shaving

A Roundtable Review is our way to give you more than one perspective on subjects, products, events, and more.  What we will do is include the input of several members of the Dads Roundtable and allow you to get a bigger picture of what we review.

The first review is going to SHAVING.

Roundtable Review of Shaving


James: I use Gillette disposable razors. I buy the year supply bag of them from Costco. No reason other than they are cheap and they get the job done. I’ll use just about anything for shaving cream, even hair conditioner; however, my favorite is Aveeno. I don’t have thick facial hair and what I do have isn’t coarse so shaving isn’t a difficult or time consuming task for me. I shave once or twice a week.

David: I am a soap and brush guy, with the highest quality blades I can afford. Thirty years ago, my brother gave me a mug and brush. The mug’s handle broke off during a move, but I still use it. The brush wore out, and my wife bought me a new one. A few months back, my 83 year-old dad made me this shaving brush stand.
​Shaving is not always about scraping hair from one’s face.

JB: I didn’t start shaving until I was in a military academy at 18 years old, and even then I used an electric razor a couple times each month.  Later, when I found out I had sensitive skin issues, I tried the Art of Shaving products with oils and soap brushes.  However, I realized that the only ritual I really enjoy spending that much time on is getting my coffee in the morning… And evening. Currently I shave maybe once a week with an electric razor again. It’s quick, and it gets the job done. Honestly, I still don’t have to shave that often, and when I do it’s not an enjoyable activity.


~The Roundtable


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