Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma,

I will miss you.

To be more honest, I will have missed you for the past 23 years. I have missed your grandma cookies every holiday season, in hearing you talk about how big I’ve gotten. It was about 23 years ago, when I was in 5th grade, that I asked about your holiday pack of cookies. They were my favorite part of the Christmas season… Seeing that package of goodies from California in the mail. When they were late, I asked my mom why they hadn’t come yet. The response I got was, “she’s no longer with us.”

It was a hard blow to my young heart, but time would eventually heal it. I would treasure the fond memories from when you came to visit and we picked buckets of strawberries to make into jam. I loved and missed you. Then, one day I saw a picture of you… Celebrating your 85th birthday! You were also in town. So I ran to see you as soon as I could. You were still lucid, and still remembered me. I would visit you in California three more times since then, but this was the last time you would remember me, & I almost missed it.

Recently, you have passed on to a better place. I will do my best to hold onto the memories, and let go of the lost time.

I love you, and will let time heal this as well,



*The Cover image is not of my grandma, but of my aunt who I saw that last time I saw my grandma, who was too frail post a picture of online. 


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