Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana


When you have the pools, the beach, the golf course, and the spa… the last thing that you think about are the rooms.  How much time, outside of sleeping, are you actually going to use the rooms?  We started out in a basic room with two double beds; it had a sunken jacuzzi and a spacious bathroom.  It was more than what we needed.  That being said, when we got upgraded to a larger room, the room that we got was amazing.  It came with a king size bed and two double beds.  When we go on vacation, for some weird reason my wife and I always split up with the kids when we sleep. She sleeps with my oldest and I get the pleasure of sleeping with my youngest.  It’s not a horrible setup, but it’s not ideal.  Somehow in this room both boys decided to SLEEP IN THEIR OWN BEDS!!! No idea how that happened, but we are planning a return visit as we speak.  The only problem with the rooms was that there are SO MANY of them.  The size of the resort is enormous and to get from your room to the beach or the restaurants is at least a ten minute walk.  I would say that it is easily a 20 minute walk from one side of the resort to the other.  They do have shuttles, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind when you are planning (or doing nothing) your day.

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