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I may not be a professional golfer, but I am not a Sunday Duffer either.  I can hold my own on the golf course.  I don’t usually get the chance to go golfing on vacation, but since my wife was able to go to the spa on more than one occasion, one day on the links was in order.  The resort offers a Jack Nicholas designed championship golf course that quite honestly wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be.  I didn’t shoot par (I never do) but it wasn’t the kind of place that made me want to throw my clubs in the water either.  The day that I played there were very few people on the course.  Armed with a set of rental clubs, I played the round in under three hours and that was with a wait of almost 20 minutes as I was stuck behind two foursomes for a couple of holes.  I would so much rather play fast like that then be stuck waiting all day… even if I was drinking free cocktails.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Golf

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