Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana


Part of the enjoyment of the all inclusive resort is being able to book excursions away from the property.  As part of our stay we were given an $1800 resort credit that we could use on any service that the resort offered. That included the spa and also excursions like the Chill Out Catamaran and the Jeep Jungle Safari, both of which we signed up for.


While this excursion should have been awesome in theory, the $250 price tag was a bit steep for the services that you received. You had to take a bus to an “exclusive” area about 30 minutes from the hotel. The exclusive area it seems is a semi abandoned resort/condo complex. I say semi abandoned because parts of it were still under construction and there was a serious lack of people or other boats.

The boat ride itself was fine… However it was about a twenty minute trip to a spot that you could swim about 100 feet offshore. While cocktails were included, it was only rum and coke or rum and sprite. After spending at most half an hour swimming we headed back to the port to meet the bus to bring us back to the hotel. The bus didn’t go back to the hotel though and instead took us to a local shop to buy local stuff. We spent more time there than we did swimming in the ocean.

Bottom line is, if I had to pay full price for this excursion I would have been pissed.


This was cool. It was everything that I was looking for and more. You drove a four wheeler through the jungle and then rode on the beach to a secluded area. The only weird thing was seeing armed guards at the edges of our resort complex. I guess they have to keep people out somehow. With that being said I would definitely recommend this excursion. Take a look for your self.

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