Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana


The beach was like any beach that you would expect in the Caribbean. The sand was super soft and the water was an amazing shade of blue. The only problem is that there was a wind blowing inland almost everyday making the water for the most part not swimmable. The day we were able to go in the water the waves were great.

My only wish was that they rented kayaks or boogie boards like a lot of the other places do. But since the water was so rough they do not.

They are trying to rectify that by creating an artificial reef to help calm the waters on at least part of the beach. The presence of a backhoe and a giant dump truck out in the water was kind of weird, but they are just trying to create a more enjoyable beach experience.  While the pools at the resort were somewhat crowded, the beach was not.  While we never had the opportunity to to sit in them (We have kids you know) there were plenty of lounge chairs on the beach to chose from.  So if it’s your desire to go to the beach and read a book under an umbrella, and have someone deliver you drinks, you won’t be disappointed.

Maybe next time we will spend more time at the beach, but this time we were definitely a pool family.

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