This Holiday Season: Do Good


It’s an iconic phrase from an iconic TV teacher. The reputable Mr. Feeny. In what I regard as one of the most emotional, inspiring, and tear jerking final scenes of any television show ever (and yes, this includes Breaking Bad), Feeny drops two words, correctly used, that can tell us more about how we need to be than any other two words in the English language. “Do good.”

We have once again found the year coming full circle back to the winter holiday season. Trees are being lit and decorated. Menorahs are being brought out, and new candles bought to fill them. People are preparing for Kwanzaa and to teach their kids the Nguzo Saba. That’s just to name a few. Many more people of all nationalities, religions, non-religious persons, are preparing for a celebration in the next month. It’s a beautiful time of year where (most) people are in good spirits, and there is a lot of good cheer to be spread. At least, that’s how it should be.

But over recent years, and perhaps decades, the thought that this is a season of goodwill, cheer, and kind acts, seems far from the minds of many. In a world full of fake wars on Christmas, and people losing their minds over the words “Happy Holidays” it’s not hard to see why the holidays just aren’t as happy as I remember them being growing up. Let alone, the numerous people for whom the holidays will never be happy. Marred by events passed, or events now ongoing. It’s a time of year where extra attention used to be paid to spreading cheer. Now days, it seems we’re more spreading our bullshit and sense of being offended, than a sense of goodwill towards others.

This is not the holiday atmosphere that was around when I was younger. Even growing up in an area that was diverse with culture and religion, there was always a sense of togetherness this time of year. I could say Merry Christmas to someone who didn’t celebrate it, and I got nothing but goodwill in return. Someone could tell me Happy Chanukkah and they would receive the same warm thoughts right back. Nobody asked me to say one thing or another. Nobody got severely offended one way or another. People of all religions, ethnic backgrounds, ages, all came together to just make for a joyous season.

These are the days of yore now.

gIt makes me sad. It truly does. A world that sees enough hate, enough death, enough streets, towns, states, and countries being torn apart in greater ways still gets stuck on such things as harmless words. Since when were “Merry Christmas” “Happy Holidays” “Happy Chanukkah” “Happy Kwanzaa” “Have a Blessed Solstice”, used to denote something any less than glad tidings, peaceful and happy intentions? When did these turn into words that some view almost like hate speech? It’s disgusting really.

So this is what I am imploring of all this holiday season. Move past the words themselves. Move past your difference with those of other religions. Spread joy. Spread love. Be light and love to the world. God knows we fucking need all we can get. Do something for someone else. Do something for a stranger. Return those glad tidings no matter how they were bestowed upon you. Be human. Show humanity. And, in the words of the great Mr. Feeny:

Do good.


And if you can’t understand that, then here’s a parting flowchart




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