A Little Weirdness is Good

weird“People are strange,” said Jim Morrison, “when you’re a stranger.” As much as I love the Doors, I don’t doubt that if a drug and alcohol-addled Jim had stumbled down the street at me, I might look askance. But most of the time, people aren’t strange. A little weird, hopefully, but not strange. Strange is off-putting. Weird is good.

I like a little something something in my friends. If you’re the sort of guy who never sang along to Sir Mix-a-lot, or never plays air drums in the car when Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” comes on, we’re probably not friends.

If you have to look around and see if anyone is watching before you’ll throw a snowball, or dunk a basketball at an 8 foot basket, we’re probably not friends.

If you’re the sort of guy who refuses to taste sushi, even once, we’re probably not friends.

If you’re the sort of Dad who’s uncomfortable having a tea party with his daughter, or gets a little bent when his three year old son wants his nails painted like Mommy’s, we’re probably not friends.

If everyone at the bar or party is singing karaoke and you refuse, we’re probably not friends.

A little weird is good. It helps you see the world through fresh eyes. It keeps you young. Strange makes me uncomfortable, but a little weird?

A little weird makes you fun to be around. I encourage it. Try to detect it. It’s not too late. To weird it. Weird it good.

Celebrate a little weirdness today. You know you want to.


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  1. Larry says:

    It seems you like the characters. I think we would get along just fine.

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