One Dads Amazing Response to Something he Saw Online That he Didn’t Like

Computer KeyboardBy all accounts Tom Wertmeyer is a family man.  Each day his wife goes off to her nursing job at the local hospital leaving him to stay at home with their two little girls.  It’s a struggle sometimes finding the support that he needs, especially in his small little town where he lives.  Most of the at home parents are women and while he isn’t a complete outcast, he has never been fully accepted into the societal norms that run his little town.

While it would be nice to have a group of dads to talk to at least occasionally, with his wife’s busy job and the schedule that he maintains for his girls, his social life takes a back seat to everything.  He could go into the big city and meet up with a group of dads on a semi annual basis, but it’s the day to day camaraderie that he is missing.  It’s nice to get a woman’s perspective on parenting, but it’s also nice to just “shoot the shit” with the guys.

Wertmeyer did what a lot of people are doing nowadays and joined an online community of other stay at home dads.  It’s a place where everyone can be free to talk about what they want, from home brewing, to different parenting techniques, to – of course – griping about their spouses.  It’s really no different that any other group you might be a part of. There is the usual back and forth about on controversial issues like vaccinations, circumcisions, and what is going on in the Crimea… but most of it is pretty tame.

As you can imagine with a place like this, there are many different opinions and people don’t always get along. Wertmeyer is no different.  He has his opinions and he makes them known from time to time, knowing that there will be people that disagree with him.  It’s the nature of the internet. While some people in Wertmeyer’s shoes have been known to block, ban, or even report users to Facebook over controversial matter, what Wertmeyer did today could be considered the most amazing thing the internet has ever seen.

He didn’t run off and take his story to another website like some have been known to do.  He decided to not comment on a particular thread and moved on to the next one.  The internet needs more people like Tom Wertmeyer.


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