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It would seem at first glance that what the blogging world does is, ultimately, a commercial enterprise. From what I gather, people are actually figuring out how to make money at it. Cool, I get that. But, if you take a deeper look – a more discerning look – you will be blinded by the creativity and love and melancholy and hope and more that shines from every corner. Why? Men connect with men, and, no matter what the readership of a site is, dad bloggers like to think they are talking to other guys. That’s important to remember. It is also important that it remains respected, expected, even.

Daddy FilesA guy wears pajamas to the end of the driveway to wait for the bus with his child. Another guy gives him shit for it. That’s how guys show they care for one another… I’m not supposed to tell you that. To start it off, Aaron Gouveia, wrote a funny, clever piece about his feud with his wife over, well… the piece is called “Would You Wear Pajamas at the Bus Stop?” Just to be clear, uh, Aaron would. I’ve been reading The Daddy Files for a while now and he always makes me think and I like that. He lines up good words.


DiC Banner #3And then, John Willey, a blogger who has been nothing but kind to me over the years, called him out on it. Now, John does LEGO movies that I have loved from the very first time I saw one, and he responded in one and, it’s perfect, as anyone who’s ever been at Daddy’s In Charge before already knows. What I think is really funny in all this is how it exploded in the comments and the like. All that being said, what really is happening here is mutual respect. Through the banter and teasing, which is still going on, a tone of admiration and respect is always just underneath. We are seeing a friendship and that is, it seems to me, an honor to witness.


Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.03.38 PMWhat if you had doubts and kept wondering about your life and ways and kids and all that? And then, what if you looked deeper and came out better for it? What if you needed to tell someone about that journey, brief as it might have been? Who would you tell? Me, as it turns out, and perhaps you. I don’t know who wrote “Lost in Thought, Trying to Find the Moment” at a page called 3 Weddings, A Dad and A Dog, but I am glad he did. In an intensely readable present tense stream of thought he led me to that better side and he told me his story respectfully, kindly and with integrity – man to man.


At Home Dad Matters
I know a little more about Dada Mike at At-Home Dad Matters. By more, I mean I know he is new at blogging and His aunt is proud of him. But, as I am trying to point out around here, that doesn’t matter. I like creative and clever smart and upbeat and, Dada Mike is just that. In “Ode To The At-Work Mom” he throws down a rhyming, quatrained, tribute poem that touched and amused me very much. Here’s the thing, guys need to know other guys are doing this sort of thing. Dada Mike is telling us, I got this, I can do this. Let me show you. The second to last stanza made me stop, and think, and wish only to thank him. Be sure to look around a while, it is good heartfelt stuff.


Dadinating the countryside(I wonder if I should mention that I have shared a post from Seamus before, oh well, maybe no one will notice.) Men like to think about their fathers. I know this is true, I think of mine, and Seamus at Dadinating The Countryside, thought of his. In “Windows,” a beautifully woven piece of very poetic writing, he strengthens both the universal bonds we make with our fathers, and the impervious bond we have with our own sons. He writes of past and present in the same breath, in the same deeply felt heartbeat, in the slow fall of a single tear. It is quite lovely, and, I still wish he lived next door.


As I’ve said here before, I really have no idea who reads this, so, I think I should say that I am not purposefully leaving out women or mothers or daughters, theirs is a unique bond to which I am not privy. I do know that I have benefited from hearing them speak on that bond, and perhaps they, too, will be helped looking over the shoulders of these blogging dads. We are glad to be fathers, we celebrate it, we holler it out to each other across the beds of pickup trucks, over the fences which surround us, out of our boy hearts at each other, for each other, through a digital community in its infancy. I, for one, am glad to be watching…


The Beginning
About ihopeiwinatoaster

I am a SaHD to twin nearly nine year old boys. I write an innocuous blog with dozens of followers. I believe in cherishing, honoring and respecting children, your children, my children, all children.

I coach sometimes, I volunteer at the schools, I play guitar when I can. I also prepare over a thousand meals a year for my family.

I believe in hope. I believe in dreams. I believe in love.

Oh, and I hate computers.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the nod! It’s an awesome thing you do here. For exposure. For experience. For great reads. It is an education. It is a converstion. It is an honor.

  2. Ben says:

    I follow Dada Mike at At-Home Dad Matters. I just love the way he flows with his words. Almost like it’s a hip-hop love song. I can’t really explain it or do it justice, but I love to read his blogs. My wife and I read/share/re-read his blogs. More Please!!! Keep up the great work all you Dads out there. I’m a new(ish) dad with a 16 month old and you all keep me ahead of the curve in regards to, what to expect. Congrats everyone!

  3. Late to the game here, but thanks for the shout out. Really enjoy what you got going on here! Looking forward to following you and seeing more of the conversations and thoughts play out.


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