Will Celebrity Selfies Put the Paparazzi out of Business?

The selfie phenomenon didn’t start with Ellen’s infamous tweet at the Oscars, but it was certainly the epicenter of the recent tsunami of celebrity selfies. Most notable is the celebrity group selfie. These photos are showing up everywhere. Recent celebrity gossip magazines are even featuring photos of celebrities taking selfies. Sounds desperate. This got me thinking.

Maybe celebrities are taking selfies in spite of the paparazzi? For years celebrities have been chased around by paparazzi hellbent on capturing salable images. Celebrities in turn covered their faces, lashed out, or sought sympathy with fans pleading, “Why won’t they just leave us alone?”

Maybe celebrity selfies are the rebuttal, the revenge, the backfire?

Maybe celebrities are deliberately cutting out the paparazzi by delivering “for your eyes only” photographs directly to fans. Several celebrity gossip sites are pilfering celebrity selfies from various social media platforms in hopes to be the first to “release” photos, but the fans know better.

As celebrities march forward in their embrace of social media, what role will the paparazzi serve? Will there even be a point to celebrity “news” if fans are able to get what they need directly from the source?

Maybe celebrity meltdowns are the reprieve for the paparazzi? Selfies can’t capture the juicy details of a celebrity meltdown. However, if a celebrity is really melting down, what’s saying they wouldn’t document their own downward spiral?



Feature Photo credit: Western Canada Fashion Week / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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  1. Few things in social media bother me more than the selfie. And now with the group celebrity selfies…. Maybe celebrities should give themselves another award show to celebrate their best selfies? #enormouseyeroll

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