Guillow’s Foam and Balsa Wood Gliders – A Blast From The Past

My son loves airplanes.  We luckily live in an area where we are right in the flight path of the closest major airport in our area.  He has many toys planes that he has collected over the years that are his go-to toys.  Many of which have caused scratches on our coffee table, one in which I took an entire weekend to stain. So if there was a way that I could figure out how to keep the Kid from scratching the floor or eventually knocking a whole in the wall because of one of his metal planes, I would jump at the chance.

In came, Guillow’s Foam and Balsa Wood Gliders.  Yeah I said foam and Balsa wood.  The old foam and wood planes that you probably spent hours flying around the house.

Guillow's Foam and Balsa Wood Gliders - Dads Round Table
Upon first opening the packaging I started to relive my childhood.  Taking extra care not to break the wood as I snapped them from their forms.   I would advise to not let your 3-year-old to this… I think you know why.   I also put them together for the Kid and when I handed it to him it was as if he had played with them before.Our dog quickly became fond of the balsa wood planes as well.  Once one of the planes landed went haywire she wasn’t far behind and cracked the wing slot rendering the plane grounded for repairs.

These things are so cheap though that when one breaks you don’t feel bad.  They range from about $1.80 to $3.60 if you splurge for the ones with the propellers.

The foam planes and space shuttle were an even bigger hit with the Kid.  He absolutely loves the space shuttle which had it’s own launcher built-in, which much to the surprise of a picture frame that we knocked down worked really well.  My only recommendation with the foam gliders and space shuttle would be to play with them outside.   Also, the space shuttle doesn’t hold up to the endurance test.  The plastic launcher part sticks into a groove in the foam and after about 5 or 6 launches the foam slit would bust open.  If you are looking for a few minutes of fun this is well worth it though.

Guillow's Foam and Balsa Wood Gliders - Dads Round Table

Not only to the Guillow’s Foam and Balsa Wood Gliders take me back to my childhood but they are also a toy that doesn’t involve any sort of technology or screen.  There is no TV and my son gets up off the couch instead of watching the next episode of his favorite TV show.  This has been a constant struggle that my wife and I have when we are looking for toys.  These don’t make noise with the exception of the occasional crash sound your child makes when one of the planes land on the ground.

The Guillow’s Foam and Balsa Wood Gliders are meant for ages 8 and up, but I would highly recommend them for younger children with adult supervision, because like mentioned before, they won’t last long if there isn’t.  The Balsa Wood Gliders range in price from $1.79 and $3.59 and the foam gliders range in price from $3.99 to $6.99.

Guillow’s did provide free gliders in exchange for this review. 


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