The Biggest Mismatch

I am Number Three

I am Number Three

“I have a mismatch!”

I can still remember hearing that phrase vividly.  I don’t know the exact date, but we were playing our arch rivals in a high school basketball game in 1991.  Sean Semmel was the other teams star player.  He was the BMOC, at least at his crappy school anyway.  He had the looks, he had the mullet, he had the size, and he had the talent to be a very good player.  In fact, that year he made the All-County roster averaging over 15 points a game and leading his team to a winning record.

The one thing that he lacked though was the heart.

Our team wasn’t very good.  We lost one game that year 100 to 24.  Now granted that school was a little bigger than ours and went on to win the state championship, but we really stunk.  I was an OK ball player.  If you asked my mom I should have taken every shot in every game, but what mom wouldn’t say that.  I wasn’t the best looking guy (that’s me be self deprecating), I didn’t have a mullet, I wasn’t very tall and baseball was really my sport.

But the one thing that I had was heart.

Before the game our coach decided that I was going to guard Sean Semmel.  He was about six foot two inches tall and I was five foot eight, so he clearly towered over me and probably should have had his way with me on the offensive end. But he made a mistake.  He uttered those words that still resonate with me to this day.

“I have a mismatch!”

Little did he know what those words meant.  There is no bigger insult at least in my eyes on the basketball court.  I was being underestimated and being told I was not good enough to guard him.  He would soon find out how wrong he was.  For the rest of the game I blanketed him.  Shots were hard to come by, frustration set in, he started to get visibly upset.  His game was off and I had won.

He ended up scoring only four points that day; well below his season average and most importantly his team lost. I won’t show up that much in the box scores and people will probably remember that he had a bad day, but he knows what the deal was.  There WAS a mismatch that night.

His heart couldn’t match that of mine.



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  1. Heart can mean so much in any game. you see it in professional players all the time. when their heart isnt in it anymore their game suffers. Kids are the same. Great story.

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