Someday, Sometime, Somewhere



Someday, Sometime, Somewhere:
My children will think back on their years of younger age.
They will recall to others their days of childhood, and those who raised them up.
There will be joy, and tears. Remembering the better days, and the lower days.
There will be embarrassing times recalled and times celebrated as forever to be bragged about.
Someday, Sometime, Somewhere.

Someday, Sometime, Somewhere:
I will be aged, sitting in a chair, and reminiscing on the days of my life passed by.
I will remember the days when my children were young, and so was I.
There will be stories of love, stories of frustration, and stories of triumph of the heart.
I will remember the ups and downs. The greatest moments, and biggest let downs.
Someday, Sometime, Somewhere.

Someday, Sometime, Somewhere:
I will be gone, and no longer with this world. Laid to rest to roam the Earth no more.
Left behind will be those I had held dear. Around my grave they will gather to say goodbye.
There in that moment will my legacy be made.
Someday, Sometime, Somewhere

Someday, Sometime, Somewhere:
People will be remembering me.
What will they say? What will listeners think? What did I leave behind?
Will they tell stories of greatness or nothingness? Love, or dislike?
Will my legacy be one to remember, or one to soon be buried alongside me in death.
Someday, Sometime, Somewhere

Someday, Sometime, Somewhere:
I hope my life has made an impact. A single, small indention in the life of another.
I hold hopes that I will be remembered as a friend, honored as a husband, and inspiring as a father.
Then as my children age, perhaps they will share my memories with their own.
And in these ways, I will continue to live on.
Someday, Sometime, Somewhere


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