Everything I know I Learned From Others Telling Me I Was Wrong

My parents had it so easy.

The only people that told them they were doing something wrong was THEIR parents.  There was none of this internet crap where people could analyze their every move.  Today we share everything about everything online.  I’m totally guilty of sharing a cute picture of my kid or complaining about something parenting related and that’s when I realize that I am doing everything wrong.

It seems that no matter what you do nowadays someone somewhere will find fault with it.  It’s kind of like the internet is a much larger more reaching version of my older brother.  I could get 50 people to agree with what it is that I say, but there is always that ONE person who has to disagree.  While we could focus our attention on the people that agree with us, we never do.  That one person will drive us mad; to the point that we will start to second guess what it is that we did.

Maybe I am wrong.

Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten my kids circumcised or had them get their immunizations.  Maybe I was wrong to take my kids to McDonalds or feed him pizza two nights in a row.  Maybe – just maybe – I am not fit to be a parent in the days of the internet.

My parents never had that.  They went to their bowling leagues once a week and I am sure that there were no heated arguments over parenting styles.  Nobody told them that their kids should be wearing seat belts in the car (we didn’t). Nobody told them they should be bathing their kids everyday (HA!). And I’m sure that nobody gave a crap if we wore disposable or reusable diapers (disposable all the way).  The only arguments were probably over who was supposed to buy the next round.

I guess it’s partly my fault.  I like to let people know what is going on in my life and with it will always come people that know more than I do.  It’s like everyone on the internet is a walking Wikipedia and they have articles from blogposts like this that will back up their “facts.”  Who am I to argue with someone over how to raise my child when they have the power of Google to back them up?

There’s so much that I know now because of the people that disagree with me.  If it wasn’t for the internet I would have thought my kids loved me and thought I was doing a great job as a parent.  Now I know otherwise.

Thanks internet.

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  1. Great post, I am a completely self-conscious parent. I think parenting 40 years ago would have done wonders for my anxiety.

  2. Daddysincharge says:

    All this access to easy information really ruins us. There are too many Joneses to keep up with.

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