Wearing Big Boy Pants


I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a worker bee.

Give me a task and a completion date and I will get whatever needs to get done, done.  When I was working TV you could count on me to beat the deadline every single time.  I think I only missed my slot maybe two times in 17 years.  I’m sure I had an excuse at the time, but the bottom line is those two times will be remembered way more than the 100’s of times I got my work done by the deadline.

I was told years ago that there was a quiet competence about me.  I never really thought of it much, but I have never been one to seek admiration or put myself up on a pedestal.  As far as I was concerned, just knowing that I did my job and I did it good was enough.  I’ve found that those that toot their own horn are also the first to throw someone under the bus when shit goes down. The squeaky wheel may get the grease, but after a while if you squeak too much, they will just get another wheel.

Sometimes though you have to step up and put on your big boy pants, and I think that I am ready.  You can’t always just sit around and let someone else make the decisions that affects your life. It’s time to step outside of the shadows and let the sun shine on me for a change.



The Beginning
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After 15 years as a News Photographer in the fast paced world of television news, I am now knee deep in Legos and laundry as the stay at home dad to to little boys. It was my choice to stay at home, so don't look at me like I am some kid of freak show. We're all parents just trying to raise our kids the right way. Some might be better at it than others, but if our kids love us for who we are, who cares.

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