Saturday Morning Parenting Choices – Coffee, Work, Personal Time, Or Sleep?

Morning Coffee

First things first

If there’s one thing I learned in nine months of being a dad, it’s that I’m in over my head.

Here’s my Saturday morning itinerary before baby wakes up. Wife works 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. shift at nearby hospital. The boy and I are bonding today.


6:29 – Meg tells me she’s leaving for work. Standard practice throughout our marriage. Didn’t hear her wake at 5:30. Aware I’m on a tight clock before 6:30. In a fog. Bedroom dark. Check phone for time. T-minus one minute and counting…

6:30 – Alarm goes off. Shit. Time limited before boy wakes up (usually between 6:30 and 7:30). Do I work out? Do I work on a blog post for me? Do I do some client work? Start laundry or eat a peaceful breakfast? Shower? Catch up on sleep? There’s no telling how much time I have.

Chances are no time for all. Might not have time for one. Must be selective. I worked out once last month. I’m good for awhile.

The only person who needs to smell me is me until sometime after 8 tonight. Well, except for Jamie. His love is unconditional. Shower is out. I’m not overly hungry but coffee would be welcomed.

Brain hurts. In a fog. Not the window for a client post. Work is out. Start laundry. Enjoy personal time.

6:43 – In bathroom. Prepare for a morning of coffee and personal writing. The boy starts making noises. I do my best to reason with him through the walls (nursery is next room over). Please buddy. Half an hour. It’ll make me a much more pleasant daddy all day long. Conclusion. I’m an ass.

6:44 – Finished in bathroom. Retrieve computer. It’s working. It’s working. Somehow when daddy said go back to sleep, the boy listened. I’ve been working on this post for more than 20 minutes.

7:11 – More noises coming from baby’s room. Da-Da-Da. He can say our names. He can’t differentiate who is who. He doesn’t know it’s Saturday. He doesn’t know Ma-Ma-Ma is gone at work. Please, please, please go back to bed, buddy. It’s been close to a half hour. Post isn’t yet where I want it. Conclusion. I’m still an ass.

7:21 – Somehow he fell back asleep. More writing. Post still isn’t quite where I want it. I’m trying to apply some more edits. Want it ready to submit during naptime. Trouble concentrating. The cat’s staring at me. All three of us need to be fed. Bottles need to be made. Dishes need to be done. I’m shirking my responsibilities. I’m still an ass.

7:23 – If I don’t finish all the laundry today, I’ll be screwed this week. Must have coffee to function. Facebook and email notifications starting to rapid fire. It’d be nice to eat before he does. Everything on my list that I neglected to do before he woke up is suddenly calling my name. Which means it’s only a matter of minutes….

7:24 – Baby crying. No time for anything else.



Yep it’s Saturday.


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  1. It’s difficult to find that time for yourself but if you don’t you’ll go crazy. Sounds a bit like my Saturdays. For what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re an ass for trying to squeeze in a bit of time for yourself.

  2. Ha. Thanks James, and very true. The part that makes me feel like an ass is when I’m trying to reason, or bargain with him. “If you just stay sleeping for another half hour…” that kind of thing. I’m trying to fit all my stuff in, but I know there’s no way he can control it.

  3. This doesn’t make you an ass. You need time for yourself too. We all do. It’s cool. My kids are 7 and 9 and I still want them to sleep later.

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