Frosty the Snowman … 5 Unanswered Questions

Let me get this out of the way early, I love holiday shows like Frosty the Snowman. Especially the ones made in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  I record every single one of them.  My kids totally got into them until this year.  Now, they see a lot of the same things that I have noticed over the years.  Like how could a snowman actually talk?  But when you watch Frosty the Snowman, that’s not even something that leaves me shaking my head.

There are just so many unanswered question in that show:

Where are their clothes?

Where are their clothes?

1.  How do the kids parents let them go to school dressed like that?  This question seems obvious to me.  I’ve watched this time and again and every time I’m left wondering what the hell the parents were thinking letting poor Karen go to school in the freezing cold with only a miniskirt on. I guess the ear muffs are supposed to keep her warm.

Legs?  On a snowman

Legs? On a snowman

2. How do you build a snowman with legs?  Ever tried it?  There is no way in hell that it will work.  The bottom snow ball is just way too big and way too heavy. The snowman would collapse on itself and not even a magic hat would be able to fix him.

Where is she going?

Where is she going?

3. Where is Karen going? What kind of message is this that Karen hops onto a train with a stranger?  Now I realize that he is a snowman, but if this were some guy that they were playing with at the park and they were jumping on his back and racing through town, is there ANY way she is hopping into a refrigerated box car with him?  NO FREAKING WAY! We don’t send our kids anywhere with strangers, especially the North Pole… which by the way she is not getting there and back by dinner time.

Where is his nose?

Where is his nose?

4. What happened in the greenhouse?  So many questions about this scene.  We never actually see him melting, but that had to be scary for poor Karen.  Does a snowman scream and yell in agony when he is melting or does he just accept his fate and turn into a giant puddle.  What happened to his eyes and nose?  I don’t know how to explain this scene to my kids.

How did she get down from there?

How did she get down from there?

5. How did Karen get down from the roof of her house?  This is one thing I want to see a follow up about.  Santa decides that it would be a good idea to drop her off on the roof of her house. Really?!  How the hell is she supposed to get down from there and how do you explain to your parents how you got up there in the first place?

I guess she can just explain to them that she was playing with a snowman who came to life and he was starting to melt so she decide to take him to the North Pole by train, but it got too cold so they hiked through the woods to find some animals to make her a fire to keep her warm, all the while being chased by an angry magician who wanted to take back his magic silk hat back.  But then the snowman melted and she was rescued by Santa Claus who left her to fend for herself on the roof of their house.

I’m pretty sure that would go over well.



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  1. Some funny observations. You could write a whole series of these dissecting each Christmas Special into their absurd or terrifying parts. And I’m sure a clip of melting, agonizing Frosty would be a hit on Youtube. :o)

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