Tools of the Trade (The Most Needed Power Tools for Parents)

As parents, there are many things that are considered essential.  Diaper bag, car seat, crib, diapers (whether it is disposable or cloth diapers).  As our kids grow older and just like the homes that we live in, general maintenance is needed.   When you walk out to your garage you may look and wonder what exactly you will use that drill press for that you received for a gift at Christmas.

Walking down the power tools aisle at Lowe’s feels like walking down the cereal aisle at your local grocery store.  You know you want some cereal, but what kind do you need or what.   So here is a quick list of power tools that are essential to any parent to hp make their life easier.


1. Power Drill – That floating shelf that you bought to hold a couple of the millions pictures you take of your child needs to be installed.  Face it, that screwdriver won’t cut it when you are trying to drive a screw into a stud.  A power drill is the only way to go.  A hammer and nail just won’t cut when you go to hang pictures either.


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