If I Had A Round Table When I Started

In the mind of a new blogger, there is either a story inside of them, or a journey they want to share. Many of us with parenting blogs use it to share memories of our wonderful children as they grow up.  For me, I thought I was sharing the journey I was on (discovering what it meant to become a dad while holding on to my manhood), but couldn’t be on a journey if I had no destination to reach. One of my first posts reads:

… I think that the conflict comes when there is an implication that you are less of a man because you are a good dad; that you are less of a man because you are smitten by your wife; that you are not a “Real Black Man” because you have not walked out on your kids and you are planning to pay for them to go to college and not get a “contract” and buy you a house.  As if I’m doing something wrong by letting my children’s dreams hinge on my actions instead of letting my dreams hinge on their successes.  This is where the conflict lies…  I was told that a father is never done raising his children; that he will always be available to help them out, well, I lost that when I was still in my teens.  So who is supposed to help me continue my growth into manhood and dadhood?

On my journey, I discovered that there were two things I was missing that I didn’t even know to look for until I had already found them: Community and Value. I found community when asked to join a group of other Dad Bloggers in the creation of a project that later became Dads Round Table.  In fact, we enjoyed our time connecting to one another so much that we got little work done initially.  We are all separated by miles, but connected through the Round Table.  I find myself looking at my phone at work and laughing out loud all by myself, because I genuinely feel connected to the men and women of Dads Round Table.

The value I have gotten out of being a part of the Dads Round Table community is not monetary.  I have come in to the Dadhood with a host of issues, and many days feel like I have little to offer my own kids let alone other parents trying to raise their kids.  However, the Round Table gives me a chance to share highs and lows with others and to encourage and be encouraged.  In that, there has been value added to my life.

Join Us

The Dads of the Round Table want you to join us.  Become a contributor and grow and develop as a new parent, and as a writer.  Gather with other parents who are new to the excitement of parenthood, have teens, or even have kids getting married.  Learn from our blogging and parenting mistakes, and don’t worry about having to create a following just to get feedback and to make connections. Come to where you can be heard by a community that values encouragement and humor.



The Beginning
About ManvDadhood

I am a man, and by my wife’s standards that makes me flawed. My challenge to parents, and to myself, is not to teach my kids about the kind of person I hope them to become one day, but to become that person today.

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