What Do You Do All Day?

Stop asking me this stupid question. I am sick of it.

It seems not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me this question.  Usually it’s from moms.  No idea why, but I would guess that they want to find out if I am sitting around all day doing nothing like them.  Perhaps they want to justify that fourth hour of the Today Show instead of doing something about that growing pile of laundry that is blocking the entrance to the family room. Maybe they want to see if I am sitting around all day on Facebook like them liking memes and sharing heart wrenching photos of cats.  Now I do sneak in Facebook and Twitter in, but it’s really not as much as you might think.

I don’t want to hear it anymore!


Mainly I’m tired all day

I get it.  Now that my kids are in full day school everyday, there is a big chunk time that I am by myself.  But why should that make you want to ask me how I am spending it.  What business is it of yours to know what I am doing from the moment the kids get on the bus to the moment that they get home? I don’t care what anyone else does. Does a dad spend his time differently than a mom does?

For arguments sake this is just a sample of what I do around here:

Today I went to Lowes. Perhaps I spent a little too long there, but a man has to look at power tools that he will never need. Also there were some shiny new snowblowers that I had my eyes on. The reason for my trip was to buy wood to replace the rotting trim on the outside of my house.  I bought caulk as well.  When I got home I cut the pieces to length and primed them so hopefully I won’t have any of these same rot issues again.  Then I took the time to fill in the cracks in my driveway so that I can seal it tomorrow.  I hate my driveway but a man has to do what a man has to do.  Before all this took place I, did two loads of laundry and folded and put it all away.

Yesterday I cleaned my entire basement.  There are a lot of old toys that I need to get rid of.  I don’t even think that I could donate them at this point, some are really old and others are broken.  Who really wants a Buzz Lightyear with one leg? After that I mowed the lawn and trimmed some of the trees around my property.  I cleaned out the garage a little bit and of course I did a load of laundry.  Oh and I went to the grocery store to buy Graham Crackers so my little one would be happy when he got home from school.

Monday I did a load of laundry and cleaned the dishes.  I spent much of the day cleaning.  I hate cleaning.  It’s one of those things that you could do for 10 hours and have nothing to show for it at the end of the day.  Whenever my wife asks me about the mess I created cleaning, I tell her it’s always darkest before the dawn.  It always seems to be dawn around here.

I’m about to head back outside and see if can get get a bird out of my attic that is starting to drive me crazy.  I can hear him when I’m going about my business in the bathroom.  I really need to get him out before winter starts to set in.  It’s not something that I am looking forward to doing but if it doesn’t happen soon, I think he and the rest of his clan are going to crash down on someone when they are using the toilet.  I am sure at some point tonight I will end up doing a load of laundry and cleaning some dishes.

Stop asking me questions about my days.

What do YOU do all day?


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After 15 years as a News Photographer in the fast paced world of television news, I am now knee deep in Legos and laundry as the stay at home dad to to little boys. It was my choice to stay at home, so don't look at me like I am some kid of freak show. We're all parents just trying to raise our kids the right way. Some might be better at it than others, but if our kids love us for who we are, who cares.

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  1. David Stanley says:

    It’s an issue, John, that people have with SAHDs, I heard it plenty twenty years ago, and it does seem better today. I suspect your best answer is either the question you pose at the end of your piece or the classic “I take care of everything that needs to be taken care of.” Narrow your eyes as you say it. Stare. And say it in your best Clint Eastwood “Do not F– with me” voice.

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