5 Backyard Projects to Get Kids Outside

Every year, as summer winds down, I start thinking about my summer vacations as a kid, and I get a sudden impulse to throw my kids out the door and say “Go explore!” I’ve tried to keep my kids “unplugged” as much as possible, but if I don’t help them find something to do, sending the kids outside can feel like a punishment. Here are a few simple backyard projects that can make your yard a fun place to be.

1. Hang a bench swing

Bench Swing Backyard Projects - Dads Round Table

If you’ve got a tree with a good strong bough for a swing, this backyard project will provide a great place to relax in the shade, both for kids and grownups. You can build your own bench, or simply saw the legs off an all-wood bench, and then use good strong rope or chain to hang it from the bough on both sides. Be careful to hang the bench evenly from all four corners so it stays upright, and never wrap the rope or chain around the arms (they can’t bear the weight of the bench by themselves).

For extra credit, throw down a fresh coat of paint and some patio cushions, and you’ll have something to impress the neighbors.


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