5 Best Lego Sets Under $25


Superman vs Power Armor Lex (Set 6862)  $19.99  You can’t go wrong with Superman.  If I had my choice between Batman and Superman, I am going to take the Man of Steel every single time.  When it comes to buy Legos I look for two things:  How much does it cost per brick and how many mini figures does it come with?  I normally set my bar at no more than 10 cents per piece unless it comes with some cool guys.  This one comes with Superman AND Wonder Women.


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  1. Ricky says:

    My wife and my son have discovered this Legos this summer. We have picked out a few sets but all of the sets that we have acquired are from the Lego City collection. I don’t believe I have seen the Dirt Bike Transporter though so I will have to look into that. However, with what started as one small firetruck has grown into several vehicles, a house, and a few mini figurines. I am not sure who loves the Legos more, my wife or my two year old.

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