5 Best Lego Sets Under $25

IMG_5017I recently wrote about what I think are the best Lego sets that you can buy.  All of the sets except for one were over $100, and while I know that is a lot of money to be spending on Legos, I think they are well worth it.  But obviously you are not going to run out and get your nephew a hundred dollar set for his birthday or show up at one of your kids friends birthday parties with the Death Star.  That would be a little much.

So you are more likely to want something a little less expensive.  Inexpensive and Legos are not usually two words that go together, but there are sets that you can get that won’t break your bank.  Here are five that I think are the best that you can get.


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The Beginning
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After 15 years as a News Photographer in the fast paced world of television news, I am now knee deep in Legos and laundry as the stay at home dad to to little boys. It was my choice to stay at home, so don't look at me like I am some kid of freak show. We're all parents just trying to raise our kids the right way. Some might be better at it than others, but if our kids love us for who we are, who cares.

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  1. Ricky says:

    My wife and my son have discovered this Legos this summer. We have picked out a few sets but all of the sets that we have acquired are from the Lego City collection. I don’t believe I have seen the Dirt Bike Transporter though so I will have to look into that. However, with what started as one small firetruck has grown into several vehicles, a house, and a few mini figurines. I am not sure who loves the Legos more, my wife or my two year old.

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