The HTC One is the Gateway Drug For iPhone Users

The release of the HTC One created not only a solid competitor for Samsung Galaxy S4, but also a gateway device to bring new Android converts from Apple. A review of HTC One by one of my favorite geek websites said it best in there headline, “Android power with iPhone style”. There’s no doubt that the Galaxy S4 is the most feature-rich and powerful device on the market. However, if feels too big, too cheap, or too light. The HTC One runs on Android Jelly Beans, which I personally do like more than iOS6 (and it doesn’t have Apple Maps), but it also has many operating design features Apple fans will like.

The One feels solid, looks beautiful, and is designed to fit in the human hand. Though larger than the iPhone 5, the One is not the behemoth the Galaxy S4 is. So it won’t make you feel like you’re holding up a tablet to block out the Sun when you answer a call.

At this point, I could get into the technical specifications of the phones, but that, much like middle school Algebra, is just a bunch of incoherent numbers.  Instead, I will share a story of what happened to me recently.  The other night I had to go into an AT&T store in order to switch out my sim card so that I can take advantage of the AT&T LTE network. While I was waiting to be helped I noticed a couple who is holding a Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One.  I heard one of them say at least four separate times, “This HTC phone feels so good.” I agree 100%. This is the best feeling smartphone you I have ever held in my hand.  The curve on the back, the uni-body aluminum frame, and the weight makes it feel substantial and hearty in my large hands. This device FITS my hand as if it was designed for me.

As a parent, I use my phone to document the lives of my kids.  This phone’s camera  (4 megapixel and Ultrapixels and the who-cares-pixels) takes great photos to share.  If you are planning on making large prints, then you aren’t taking photos with your camera phone anyways.  Here’s my son eating Ice Cream in the Sun.

2013-04-23 15.56.58

Also, check out this cool slow-motion video I took without needing a separate app!

The Bottom Line:

The HTC One should not compete head to head with the Galaxy S4.  Instead, it is a step up to get somebody who is used to iPhones comfortable with something that has more features and more capabilities, but is not over-powered like the S4.  Therefore, it is a great phone for somebody wanting to move from iOS to Android.

If you’re an Android user, what do you think of the HTC One and/or the Galaxy S4?

If you’re an Apple user, what will it take for you to cross over to the Dark Side?



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  1. therookiedad says:

    I have been contemplating leaving the iPhone. I’m not due for an upgrade for a while but reading reviews like this will certainly help in making my decision.

    The only reason I would stick with iOS is because most of my family uses the iPhone and likes to Facetime to keep with the family. But there is always skype.

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