5 Lego Sets You Should Buy Today

6734191305784. The Death Star (10188) Normally I am not a fan of any of the Star Wars Lego sets.  I think that they are way too expensive for the amount Legos that you get and for the most part the mini-figures included are none of the ones that you actually want.  I would say skip all the Star Wars sets and get the grand daddy of them all, the Death Star.  The Death Star comes with 24 mini-figures has over 3,800 pieces altogether.  That is A LOT of Legos.  It has a lot of the scenes from the original movie built-in, and includes all of you favorite characters.  Sadly I do not own this set.  We told Tyler that if he still liked Star Wars AND Legos when he turned 12 he could get it.  He no longer likes Star Wars, so I think we will be passing on this one… for now.


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  1. No motorized AT-AT? Come on. What kind of list is this? 😉

    • Daddysincharge says:

      Nothing with a motor at this point… that will come I’m sure.

  2. Kevin Vandiver says:

    My boy loves legos (mostly the mini figs) and we both gaze longingly at the deathstar set. But sweet lord, its expensive.

    • Daddysincharge says:

      It is expensive, but look at it this way… you are going to spend hundreds of dollars on other various Star Wars sets, so you might as well go all in with that one and NOT buy any of the others.

  3. I actually had to buy a birthday gift for my nephew this past weekend and used this guide. I ended up buying a wheels kit and you’re right, he loved it.

    • Daddysincharge says:

      Wisdom I speak!

  4. I wonder how many people pine lovingly over that Death Star set. Every time I open that catalog, me and the boys stare at that set and wonder how great it is…

  5. Nick says:

    The King’s Castle (70404) is a good alternative to the police station as well. You get the good vs. bad thing going plus a jail, with the added thrill of a little fantasy world thrown in. The drawbridge, catapults, and knights on horseback always kept me interested.

  6. KC says:

    “LEGO leper colony.” <– haha!
    Regardless of the age my kids like to dismember their minifigs as well. I like the idea of $.10 per piece. Great rule.

  7. Babjan says:

    They were very excited about the Lego store. They have the Lego Star Wars game for the DS and Wii, and there was a lot of Star Wars teemhd Lego sets. We ended up getting them each a three pack of Lego Star Wars people, which are their favorite Lego pieces.

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