Living in a Time of Violence


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After news broke about the bombings at the Boston Marathon my wife called me.

“What kind of world are we raising our children in?” she asked me.

Sadly, I had no response.

The conversation with my wife was a vivid one focused on rhetorical questions like “Should we keep our children inside all day?” and “Where are we safe anymore?”

How do we live like this? Can we live like this?

Becoming a parent is a game-changer. It takes every tragedy and magnifies it fifty-fold. It personalizes it. What if that was me there with my kids at the Boston Marathon? How would I protect them? How would I react if they were injured? How would I cope if something happened to them? How would they cope if something happened to me?

These are questions that none of us should ever have to confront. Lately, I feel that we confront them daily.

Never in my life have I questioned whether to attend a big concert or an anticipated sporting event because of the threat of terrorism. I never imagined that thought being a factor in my life or the lives of my children. It saddens me to know that this violence will color my kids’ lives, slowly eroding their freedoms like the long-forgotten shoe bomber does every time we decide to take a ride on an airplane.

I know that if we give in to fear than the bad guys win. That’s what they want. Maybe my feelings are a simplistic, knee-jerk reaction to images of shock and fright that dominate our television screens.

But I’m mad, frustrated, and disappointed that I am powerless to do anything about the violence that seemingly flares up as randomly as an internet pop-up ad. Most of all, though, I’m sad.  Sad for the countless family members and friends of those who died or are suffering because of the senseless, cowardly, inhuman acts carried out on the Boston streets.

It feels like Newtown just happened yesterday and while we mourn Boston today, I fear the large-scale violence that might happen tomorrow.

Is this the kind of world we’re forever raising our children in?


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  1. James Hudyma says:

    I think this is the world we live in and I think it is going to get worse. However, it is important to remember these are isolated incidents or we’ll go crazy looking over our shoulders for the next bad guy. It’s just so sad there are growing numbers of people who commit such horrific acts. Even so, I’m going to do my best to see the good in everyone and everything and raise my kids with the same positive outlook… realistic but positive.

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