Searching for Sasquatch

“Kids! Wake up!”

Dad would shout as he erratically pulled the car onto the shoulder of the highway.  We’d all rush out of the car desperately scanning the forest for any sign of the elusive Sasquatch.

Weeks before departing for our annual trek through the Canadian Rockies to visit family in British Columbia, Dad would tell tales of Sasquatch and how he made eye contact with one when he was a child before it disappeared into the forest.  I totally believed him.

The Northern Boreal Forest of Canada

I am much older than my youngest sibling and by the time I figured out Dad was probably full of it, I also figured out why he kept the legend of Sasquatch alive.

  • It’s fun.
  • It makes the long drive interesting.

So rather than being the jerk kid who replaces wonder with boring reality, I played along.

Poplar trees in the Aspen Forest of Canada


Flash forward 20 years.  I’ve since left my home province of Saskatchewan and now live in Northern Alberta, less than 100 miles from the Canadian Rockies.  Sasquatch country.

When we travel through the forest, my kids have one eye on the screen of the portable DVD player  and the other on the edge of the forest, searching for Sasquatch.  When they finally drift off to sleep, weary from travel, I look back and smile because I have a feeling I’m going to see something at the forest’s edge right around the time they’re starting to rouse from their car seat slumber.

Life is better with Sasquatch.  

Welcome to Sasquatch Country



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  1. You’re damn right it’s better. Keep encouraging those young imaginations!

  2. Some “tall tales” are worth telling. Also originating from Saskatchewan, I hope to convince my son that the monument on top of the small hill in my hometown was put there by Russian cosmonauts who thought they had landed on the moon.

  3. Arthur says:

    I’m pretty sure I saw one in the forest the other day – is what I’ll be telling my kids from now on.

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