Cheating Friend #DadsRT Recap

This week we had another great Wednesday Night #DadsRT Chat!  Actually, I think they are all great, but I am obviously biased.  For those who are not Twitter-Junkies or have trouble deciphering the the multiple conversations, inside jokes or #ObnoxiouslyLongHashtags, I am posting a report about the chat for all to see.  HashTracking.Com is the tool I use, and the one I’ve used to check on chat stats since I’ve done them about 15 months ago.

Our topic for the week and the chat was about how to deal with having a friend who you know is cheating, and it was from Ask A Great Dad Robert L. If you want to see the report and check out the transcript, you can click here.  The report tracks tweets from 5:30-7:30 on the night of the chat.  This way we can have a uniform time frame to watch us grow in the future.

Some Great Tweets!

We Did Get A Little Sidetracked!

This was a fun chat, and a great opportunity to tune in and engage with you… our community.  We look forward to commenting with you in the comments, and chatting it up Wednesday Nights.

We will see you next week!



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