#DadsRT: Discussing Your Past with Your Kids

Every Wednesday evening (9EST/6PST) the DadsRT community gathers to discuss the weekly Round Table Discussion (RTD) on Twitter using the hashtag #DadsRT.

We are so thankful for all the support and interaction we get from our readers here and on our other platforms.  The success of our weekly Twitter chats has to do with the amazing people in the #DadsRT community.

Here are a few highlights from our chat last night:

The Beginning
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  1. I think these highlight posts are great because things move so fast during a chat sometimes it’s hard to sit back and digest.

    David Stanley makes a great point in saying not to lie, but also okay to say none of your business. I firmly stand opposed to this movement that seems to be treating our kids as equals. I feel like it’s a warped manifestation of the attachment parenting thing.

    I don’t disagree with AP, but nor do we practice, yet when things get to the point of letting your kids believe they have access to any and all information about yourself because it’s “all on the table” and everyone is equal, I have to strongly oppose. Ours kids will grow up and have teachers, coaches, instructors, bosses, etc… that all call the shots. There is a chain of command to obey in life and it’s as simple as that.

    The sooner our kids learn their place, the sooner they will be more prepared to handle the challenges of the world in front of them. You’re not OWED anything (I’m looking at you Occupy Wall Street), you have to earn it. And earning it takes hard work, responsibility and accountability. Not free access to whatever you want.

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