Adjustable foot of a desk


While moving a desk in class, the adjustable foot fell off.   All you have to do is screw it back in and it’s fixed.   For kids raised in an age of disposable everything, fixing doesn’t exist.

Oh great!  Mr. H!  My desk is broken.  Now we’re gonna have to get rid of it!

Using the situation as a teachable moment, I dramatically grabbed the desk and rammed it into the garbage can.  The class went silent.  Then I took a picture of it and ranted about emailing the company to tell them their desks are junk and to send me a new one.  The first student to break the silence suggested recycling it.  We all agreed that would be a better choice.

As I was transferring the desk from the trash can to the recycling bin, I acted as if I was just struck with an amazing idea.  Before their eyes I performed a miracle:

I fixed the desk.



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  1. Left Coast Dad says:

    I kind of wish we could do this with our kids. Child Protective Services frowns on kids in garbage cans even if it is only for a moment or two to make a point.

    • James Hudyma says:

      Ha ha! It would certainly make a point.

  2. What a great teaching moment!

    • James Hudyma says:

      They come along at least once a month. They’re one of the best things about being a teacher.

  3. Awesome.

  4. Jen says:

    Oh Mr. H! How I wish I had teachers as cool as you back in the day 😉 Fix it…what a novel concept!

    • James Hudyma says:

      Thanks Jen! I have to be cool now while I can. Ha!

  5. I see this a lot in the IT world. Computer, and electronics in general, are becoming disposable – especially as quality and price decrease. Add to that the disposable income of young folks and you have a disposable world. Why spend the time and effort to fix something when you can just replace it?

    • James Hudyma says:

      Our microwave died last year, a week after Warranty expired. Thanks a lot Sears! Anyway, it was cheaper to replace than fix so it went to recycling and we bought a new one.

  6. Well done!

  7. And this is how the great Teachers do it…
    Awesome, James!

  8. Roshni says:

    I so agree with you that people nowadays don’t think twice about throwing out something that only has a minor defect. I see so many things in the recycle (e.g. a lamp with a short circuit) that could have been fixed easily if only people knew the concept!!

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