Football Sadness

So, when I saw that my Giants are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday, the first thing I thought of was my friend Michael. A smoker for many years, Michael died from lymphoma in the summer of 2009. When I first started my blog in August 2009, one of my first posts was about him and I think about him all the time. You can read the post here.

I met Michael when I worked at an appeals court back in 2005. We hit it off instantly and, though we were very different in a lot of way, became really good friends. Michael was a huge Steelers fan and had a picture of himself and Jerome Bettis hanging up in his cubicle. He would sit in my office and we would talk about all sorts of things for hours. During football season, we constantly argued about the Giants and the Steelers, about who was a better quarterback, Eli Manning or Ben Roethlisberger. He thought Roethlisberger was better. He was wrong.

Starting with the 2005 season, we had a running bet as to which team would go further, and on the rare occasions the two teams played each other, who would win.  The Steelers won two Super Bowls before he died, compared to the Giants’ one. Of course, we got even last year, and though I know he would’ve grumbled about it, and begrudgingly handed over the $5 bill I would’ve won, I also know he would’ve been happy for me.

Now, whenever I think of the Steelers, or see a Steelers highlight, I think of Michael. I wish he was here for many reasons, but I miss that we would have been going back and forth about this game for weeks, and doubled our yearly bet just for this game.

Rest in peace, Michael. And LET’S GO GIANTS!

Do you associate any teams (other than your favorite one) with someone?


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  1. My (great) uncle Basil and the NJ Devils. He passed recently, but whenever I think of the Devils, I think of him. We went to every home game when they won the Cup in 1995 and he would always make us take off our hats and be quiet during the national anthem, tell us to stop booing the other team, and never be satisfied till the Devils had a 3 goal lead. He was a great man who, even at a sporting event, was teaching us about respecting our country and our fellow man.

    Great post, thanks for sharing.

  2. This is why I have such a love for sports. Almost all of my sports memories are not of the games itself, but the people who I spent them with. It’s great when you meet someone who is just as passionate about sports, it creates bonds & friendships for life. I go to the Jets games, not because they are a great franchise, but because eight times a year I get to spend time with friends that I usually only get together with once or twice during the offseason. We have lost a few from our crew as well over the years. They are gone, but never forgotten.

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