Democracy In Action: Take A Deep Breath

So, this post would probably have been more helpful a few weeks ago, but it’s something that’s been rattling around in my head and today feels like the right day for it…

By all means, you should all exercise your right as an American citizen and go vote today, for whichever candidate you feel is best. But can everyone take a step back, relax and stop with all of the rhetoric? The same way we’re not going to become a Socialist nation if President Obama is re-elected, women will not all be relegated to the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, if Mitt Romney is elected. Women’s rights are NOT going to be scaled back to 1950’s era levels, and despite efforts to the contrary, marriage equality is coming, no matter who is elected.

I think what hurts our democracy more than anything is the divisive nature of the campaigns and of the two parties. If you really want to bring change, make sure you vote for the congressmen/congresswomen and senators who support what you care about. That will make a much bigger difference than the president.

So whether you’re reading this before we’ve chosen our president, or after, take a second and relax. Our country has survived for a long time and it will not be destroyed by either man in the next four years. Vote for the candidates that you believe will do the best job running our country, and if you want more, get involved and work to make things better.

Me? I’m voting for whichever candidate will outlaw the use of the term “pick-six” in football highlights.


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